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Make It A Joyful Day!

This site is devoted to raising consciousness, empowering others, who then expand and pass it on - continuing, they form an exponential chain of light, compassion and strength.  My sincere intent and hopes for JOY2U - is that the site will be part of a diverse network of consciousness - to expand the awareness that we are all unlimited beings - and that we can truly create a better world - TOGETHER!      JoyRae


Create & Celebrate The GOLDEN AGE, which is upon us.


Oh what a wondrous web we do weave
when our divine destiny we now gloriously perceive

As each strand brings us closer to a world filled with light
we are soaring and spinning, our souls shining bright.

Now all the players begin their emergence
to create a harmonic, symphonic convergence.

Whether working or playing - it all seems the same.
After all, now it's time to return whence we came."

Love, Light, FREEDOM and JOY2U



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